EUVE Spectral Observations of a Flare on AD Leonis

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Session 45 -- CVs/Symbiotic Stars
Display presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[45.07] EUVE Spectral Observations of a Flare on AD Leonis

S.L. Cully (SSL/UCB), G.H. Fisher (SSL/UCB), S.L. Hawley (MSU), T. Simon (IfA/UH)

The flare star AD Leo (dM3.5e, 4.9 parsecs) was observed by the EUVE DS/S from 1993 March 1 - March 3 UT. A flare was detected in the Lexan/Boron (65 - 190 ~\AA) band of the Deep Survey Instrument on March 2 UT. The flare was also observed with optical photometry at several locations and with both high and low resolution optical spectroscopy. The 0.3 magnitude optical U band (3000 - 4300 ~\AA) flare had a peak DS Lex/B count rate of about 1.0 cps and was visible for 7 hours. The total EUV energy released in the flare is estimated to be 1 x 10$^{33}$ ergs. The above results were given by Hawley et al (1994). In this work, we present the EUVE spectra (70 - 760 ~\AA) for the quiescent and flaring times of the observation and differential emission measure analysis of the strong emission lines visible in each spectrum.

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