ASCA Observation of AM Her

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Session 45 -- CVs/Symbiotic Stars
Display presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[45.02] ASCA Observation of AM Her

K.~Mukai, E.~V.~Gotthelf, Y.~Soong (NASA-GSFC/USRA), M.~Ishida (ISAS), J.P.~Osborne (U.~Leicester), G.~Garmire (Penn State)

AM Herculis, the prototypical magnetic cataclysmic variable, was observed with ASCA on 27 Sep 1993 for approximately 1 day. Here we present selected results of our preliminary analysis.

We present light curves in several different energy bands folded on the orbital period, showing that AM Her was in the normal mode with one pronounced X-ray minimum per orbital period. We also find that light curves differ at different energies, particularly around the orbital minimum. A spectrum extracted for the minimum is significantly softer than one for orbital maximum. We discuss possible causes of this phenomenon. We will also show the complex structures of the spectrum in the Fe K line region and discuss what we can learn from the lines regarding the geometry and physics of the X-ray emitting region.

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