2 $\mu$m Spectroscopy of Shrouded Young Massive Stars

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Session 44 -- Young Stars, T Tauri Stars, Herbig Haro Objects
Display presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[44.01] 2 $\mu$m Spectroscopy of Shrouded Young Massive Stars

M.M.Hanson, P.S.Conti (JILA)

We have recently obtained $K$-band high resolution spectra of a number of heavily shrouded and very young stars in NGC 7538 and AFGL 961. Although the exact nature of these stars is poorly known, they represent the early evolutionary phases of massive stars. In an attempt to understand their nature we have also obtained similar high resolution $K$-band spectra of numerous massive emission line stars with discs (Oe and early Be types). We will compare and contrast the presence or absence of the various emission lines seen in these two distinct, yet possibly related types of young emission line objects.

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