3-D Simulations of Pre-Sedov Phase SNR

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Session 41 -- Computational Astrophysics II
Display presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[41.07] 3-D Simulations of Pre-Sedov Phase SNR

J.A.Cliffe, T.W.Jones (University of Minnesota)

{Using a 3-D TVD (total variation diminishing) hydrodynamical code, we study the evolution of a realistic SNe through the Sedov phase, up until the time when 10 times the stellar mass has been swept up by the remnant. General features of the flow are compared to higher resolution 1-D simulations. Additionally, nonspherical motions and structures that develop as a result of R-T instabilities are examined. Work in progress includes the examination of the effects of an inherently aspherical, or clumpy, ISM on the remnant's development. \\ \\ This work was supported in part by NASA through grant NAGW-2548, the NSF through grant AST-9100486 and by the University of Minnesota Supercomputer Institute. }

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