Radio emission from spinning grains

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Session 29 -- General Interstellar Medium
Display presentation, Tuesday, 31, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[29.10] Radio emission from spinning grains

A. Ferrara (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Largo Fermi 5, 50125 Firenze, Italy)

We present a study of the radio emission from rotating, charged dust grains immersed in the ionized gas constituting the thick, H$\alpha$-emitting disk of many spiral galaxies. Grains are found to have substantial radio emission peaked at a cutoff frequency in the range 10-100~GHz, depending on the grain size distribution and on the efficiency of the radiative damping of the grain rotation. The dust radio emission dominates the free-free emission from the ionized gas component in the range 4-20~GHz. The model can be used to test the disk-halo interface environment in spiral galaxies, to determine the amount and size distribution of dust in their ionized component, and to investigate the rotation mechanisms for the dust. Numerical estimates are given for experimental purposes.

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