A Catalog of White Dwarfs in Wide Binaries

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Session 28 -- Software and Catalogs
Display presentation, Tuesday, 31, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[28.09] A Catalog of White Dwarfs in Wide Binaries

T.D.Oswalt, D.Strunk (Florida Tech)

We have compiled a catalog of common proper motion binaries (CPMBs) which contain white dwarfs. This database, which includes over 500 systems, is being used to examine: (1) spectroscopic properties of the CPMB sample; (2) gravitational redshifts and masses for several hundred newly identified WDs; (3) space motions and population membership of the CPMB sample; (4) luminosity functions for the cool white dwarf and main sequence components; and (5) orbital evolution history of CPMBs as a probe of post-main sequence mass loss and Galactic structure.

This work was supported by NSF grant AST-9016284, an Ernest F. Fullam Award of the Dudley Observatory, and by a NASA grant administered by the American Astronomical Society.

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