HIRAS, IRAS High Resolution Images

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Session 28 -- Software and Catalogs
Display presentation, Tuesday, 31, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[28.07] HIRAS, IRAS High Resolution Images

D.J.M.\ Kester, Tj.R.\ Bontekoe, P.R.\ Wesselius (SRON, Groningen, The Netherlands)

The IRAS Software Telescope, described by Assendorp and Wesselius in an oral presentation, forms the basis for a new method developed in the past several years to obtain IRAS images with a resolution of order one arc minute instead of the usual five by five arc minutes of products like ISSA.

The first step is to produce a completely destriped map, usually iteratively, and subsequently to correct the flux values of the ORIGINAL IRAS samples to be in accordance with the smooth map. These original samples with smoothed flux values are the input for the Pyramid Maximum Entropy (PME) method developed mainly by Bontekoe and Kester. PME is capable to reconstruct emission at virtually any relevant scale length. Also a map of error estimates of the high-resolution image pixel values is determined to assess the reliability of the results.

The maximum entropy software package of Gull and Skilling (1991) is used to obtain the actual resolution enhancement. The extra information that allows us to derive these higher resolution images originates from refinements in our description of the IRAS survey instrument by incorporating several newly determined instrumental effects on top of the descriptions already available in the Explanatory Supplement to the IRAS Point Source Catalog.

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