Variable Stars in the CCD/Transit Instrument (CTI) Survey

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Session 27 -- Digitizing the Sky
Display presentation, Tuesday, 31, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[27.11] Variable Stars in the CCD/Transit Instrument (CTI) Survey

C. J. Wetterer, J. T. McGraw, T. R. Hess, R. Grashuis (IfA/UNM)

The CCD/Transit Instrument (CTI) is a meridian pointing telescope that surveys a strip of the sky at a declination of +28 degrees. The resulting survey contains over 500,000 objects in 50 square degrees distributed over a wide range of galactic latitude and longitude. The strip passes within a degree of the north galactic pole and the galactic anti-center and within two degrees of the direction of solar motion. The time history (light curve) of each object has been examined to produce a list of variable stars contained in the survey. The issues of spurious variables due to light contamination from other stars, completeness, and variable star type descriminators are addressed. Additionally, the preliminary results on the search for RR Lyrae variable stars is presented.

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