FCRAO CO Survey of the Second Quadrant

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Session 27 -- Digitizing the Sky
Display presentation, Tuesday, 31, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[27.05] FCRAO CO Survey of the Second Quadrant

M.H. Heyer (FCRAO/UMass), J.Carpenter (FCRAO/UMass), R.L.Snell (FCRAO/UMass), F.P.Schloerb (FCRAO/UMass)

While comprising only a small fraction of the volume of the interstellar medium, molecular clouds are an important component since these are the sites of star formation within the Galaxy. Large scale, unbiased surveys are required to determine the distribution of molecular material within the Galaxy and to statistically evaluate cloud properties from which the appropriate physics can be applied. However, previous surveys of the $^{12}$CO J=1-0 emission, the primary tracer of H$_2$, from the first quadrant of the Galaxy have been limited by the blending of emission from unrelated clouds due to Galactic rotation.

The Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory has initiated an ambitious survey to image $^{12}$CO J=1-0 emission from the second quadrant of the Galaxy where such cloud blending is absent. In the first year, the survey will cover 320 square degrees at 50$\tt ''$ sampling using the 15 element focal plane array receiver QUARRY. The data will provide unprecedented information to address fundamental questions of the molecular interstellar medium and galactic structure. These include the large scale topology of the molecular component, the enhancement of molecular gas surface density within spiral arms, and the mostly unexplored relationship between the molecular and atomic gas components.

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