North American Small Telescope Cooperative (NASTeC): 1994

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Session 26 -- Detectors and Telescopes
Display presentation, Tuesday, 31, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[26.06] North American Small Telescope Cooperative (NASTeC): 1994

J. A. Cardelli (Univ. of Wisconsin)

Small-to-intermediate size telescopes (SITs) of the 0.4-2m (16-80") class are the backbone upon which contemporary astronomy has been built. While the need for larger telescopes is without dispute, SITs will continue to provide high quality data in areas of research not requiring large telescopes and for which large telescope time resources are limited.

The North American Small Telescope Cooperative (NASTeC) is a voluntary organization of institutions who maintain research-active SITs. The goal behind NASTeC is the maintenance and distribution of a comprehensive information listing of SITs and associated instrumentation in order to provide research astronomers with potential sources of data on a larger scale than is currently available through national facilities alone. The listing provides the opportunity to: obtain multi-mode data (e.g. photometry, spectroscopy, imaging, etc.) in a time efficient fashion, exploit multi-wavelength science by linking ground based capabilities with data obtained over a wide range of energies (e.g. ultraviolet, infrared, radio, etc.), and exploit time-critical or target of opportunity scenarios (e.g. supernovae, novae, variable stars, etc.). In addition, NASTeC provides the opportunity for stimulating active participation and collaboration in research, particularly at smaller institutions.

NASTeC currently consists of 38 institutions operating 54 telescopes in 24 US states, Puerto Rico, and 1 Canadian province and we are actively seeking new members. We are also currently seeking to expand beyond North American to create a global cooperative of telescopes which can provide 24 hour monitoring and full sky coverage.

Participation in NASTeC is purely voluntary and individual institutions must agree to appear in the listing. Participation in the listing is strictly non-binding . A NASTeC member institution is neither required nor obligated in any way to honor a request from any individual or group. The current NASTeC listing is available on anonymous FTP. Access instructions can be obtained by e-mail.

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