AMANDA Results from the 1993-94 South Pole Deployment

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Session 20 -- Cosmic X-Ray and Microwave Background
Oral presentation, Monday, 30, 1994, 2:00-3:30

[20.06] AMANDA Results from the 1993-94 South Pole Deployment

P.Mock, S.Barwick, R.Porrata, E.Schneider, G.Yodh (University of California, Irvine), A.Goobar, D.Lowder, T.Miller, P.B.Price, A.Richards (University of California, Berkeley), A.Coulthard, K.Engel, L.Gray, F.Halzen, J.Jacobsen, V.Kandhadai, I.Liubarsky, R.Morse, S.Tilav (University of Wisconsin, Madison), A.Bouchta, B.Erlandsson, P.O.Hulth, W.Sun, C.Wlack (Stockholm University, Sweden), S.Carius, L.Hallgren (University of Uppsala, Sweden)

The Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array (AMANDA) collaboration has successfully deployed four strings of optical modules at the south pole. Our preliminary results shows that AMANDA detects muons in coincidence with the South Pole Air Shower Experiment. We will present our measurements of the optical properties of the ice at a depth of 800 -- 1000 meters, the operating characteristics of the four string array, and a review of future plans.

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