Subsonic Accretion through Stellar Boundary Layers

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Session 13 -- Models or Gas Flows and Spectral Formation
Display presentation, Monday, 30, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[13.02] Subsonic Accretion through Stellar Boundary Layers

D. Kita (U. of Wisconsin--Madison), W. Klu\'zniak (U. of Wisconsin,Copernicus Astronomical Center)

Recent progress$^{1,2}$ in the application of numerical relaxation techniques has made possible the construction of steady-state boundary-layer solutions for thin alpha-disks around accreting unmagnetized stars. Physically acceptable solutions must satisfy the constraint that the radial inflow velocity not be supersonic. Preliminary results on new models of subsonic accretion will be presented.

Supported in part through KBN grant 2-1244-91-01. \par\noindentReferences \hfil \par\noindent 1. Paczy\'nski, B. 1991, ApJ 370, 597-603. \par\noindent 2. Popham, R. \& Narayan, R. 1992, ApJ 394, 255-260.

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