Spectroscopic Observations of Hot Spot Galaxies

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Session 12 -- Starburst Galaxies
Display presentation, Monday, 30, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[12.02] Spectroscopic Observations of Hot Spot Galaxies

C. Blaha, K. Johnson, T. Wyder (Carleton College)

Long-slit spectroscopic observations of hot spot galaxies NGC 4321 and NGC 2903 will be presented. These galaxies display knots of radio and optical emission in their nuclear regions which suggest regions of intense star formation. Spectroscopic observations taken with the Kitt Peak 2.1m will be compared with radio and H-alpha images of these galaxies. Spectra of the optical hot spots reveal strong variations from spot to spot in the nature of the underlying continuum. Emission-line ratios in the nuclear regions also display a wide range of physical properties among the hot spots. These nuclear line ratios are significantly different from line ratios in comparison HII regions in the disks of these spriral galaxies. Optical spectra of knots of non-thermal radio emission will also be presented.

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