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AAS Informational Email 2008-11

Kevin B. Marvel, Executive Officer

Subject: Ad Hoc JDEM Science Working Group

(The following information is being distributed to AAS members as a service. The information was not available prior to the last Newsletter deadline, but is deemed of significant interest to our membership. kbm)

An ad hoc Joint Dark Energy Mission (JDEM) Science Working Group (SWG) has been convened by the two US agencies, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Department of Energy (DOE), which are jointly planning JDEM. The European Space Agency is a partner in this activity as well.

The purpose of this SWG is to continue the work of the Dark Energy Task Force in developing a quantitative measure of the power of any given experiment to advance our knowledge about the nature of dark energy. The measure may be in the form of a "Figure of Merit" (FoM) or an alternative formulation. The findings of the SWG will be reported to the agencies and will be considered for incorporation into NASA's future JDEM Announcement of Opportunity (AO).

The SWG will hold its first meeting 23-24 July 2008, and a final report by the end of the summer.

The Statement of Task for the SWG is available:

The SWG membership is also available:

The SWG invites input from the community. Please direct any correspondence to fomswg at Input will be accepted through the end of August, but the earliest the SWG receives the input, the more effect it will have.

- Rocky Kolb