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Subject: Last chance to submit comment to the National Research Council ad-hoc committee on the assessment of the strategic direction of NASA

Kevin B. Marvel, Executive Officer

Earlier this year, consistent with direction from NASA's Inspector General, the National Research Council appointed an ad-hoc committee to assess whether the strategic direction of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, as defined by the 2011 NASA Strategic Plan, remains viable and whether the agency's activities and organization efficiently and effectively support that direction in light of the potential for constrained budgets for the foreseeable future. The Committee on NASA's Strategic Direction, which has already heard from a wide variety of experts during committee meetings held to date, would like to provide an opportunity for additional public input to the study. Accordingly, it has established a web page with a questionnaire at:

The NRC has invited the public to register comments on NASA's strategic direction by visiting the website and completing the online form.

This website will be available for comments through 17 August 2012.

Mailed 13 August 2012