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The Pierce Prize is normally awarded annually for outstanding achievement, over the past five years, in observational astronomical research based on measurements of radiation from an astronomical object. It is given to an astronomer who has not attained 36 years of age in the year designated for the award.

01 Jul 2016 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The mission of the American Astronomical Society is to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the Universe.

06 May 2016 - Governance

The AAS has a surplus of books. We offer them to members on a first-come first-served basis. A flat shipping and handling fee of $10.00 per book applies. Discounted shipping may be available for bulk orders. Please fill out the book order form. Direct questions to Tracy Rowe.

29 Feb 2016 - Publications

The AAS administers a National Science Foundation grant that provides funding for airline travel to international science meetings. This funding is available only to individuals at US institutions.

23 Jun 2016 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

American Astronomical Society Supports the Teaching of Evolution in United States Science Classes and states that "Intelligent Design” is non-Scientific and should not be Taught to the Nation’s Children.

25 Oct 2012 - Teaching

AAS endeavors to keep your information confidential. We focus on using the information as part of AAS's service to you and its mission to advance and diffuse the knowledge of Astronomy and its application to human welfare.

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The material on this web site is subject to copyright protection, owned by AAS unless otherwise indicated. Authors, editors and publishers should also be aware of the copyright requirements for the AAS journals.

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Summary of Presentations at the AAS Business Meeting Supplementary Session Chicago, IL, June 1999

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Chrétien grants further international collaborative projects in observational astronomy. Emphasis is on long-term visits and the development of close working relationships with astronomers in other countries.

28 Jun 2016 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Awards are given to recognize exemplary research by undergraduate and graduate students who present at one of the poster sessions at the meetings of the AAS. Awardees are honored with a Chambliss medal or, in the case of honorable mention, a certificate.

28 Jun 2016 - Grants and Prizes: AAS