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This is an extended readme documenting my effort to get the AASTeX package to work with the OzTeX/Alpha system for the Mac. Lots of useful Mac LaTeX information and sofware upgrades are available over the web.

To use Alpha and OzTeX together on the Mac with the AASTeX package I have found the following when running on a Mac 4400 and a Mac G3 using Mac OS 8.6 as of Sept 1999:

1) If you are setting up from the compressed OzTeX and Alpha files, there will be lots of initial details that will have to be taken care of even before you can print out the manuals in TeX format. It is assumed that at least OzTeX (and possibly the text editor Alpha) have been downloaded from a web site and decompressed using UnStuff or similar utility.

2) In OzTeX an editor, AlphaLite is bundled. If you want to install the full Alpha package, swap the AlphaLite folder for the Alpha folder that is produced when the Alpha distribution package is uncompressed. I put the AlphaLite folder in a "Not Used" folder outside the OzTeX folder. I opted to use the full Alpha package, not the AlphaLite supplied with OzTeX, although there apprears to be little difference between them. (The $30 shareware fee each for either version of Alpha which should be paid in addition to the $30 for OzTeX itself.) The latest version of OzTeX is 3.1.5 and you will need to replace the OzTeX application in the original setup with this new version. (I put the old version in my "Not Used" folder just in case there are problems with the new one.)

3) In order to even print out the OzTeX manual itself in LaTeX there are a lot of other details that must be dealt with first. The most important is the changing of the OzTeX format files to expand the default memory. Otherwise the manuals will have to be printed out a few pages at a time, if they even print at all. Go to the LaTeX-docs folder in OzTeX with Alpha booted first, load ozuser.tex and look at the file. It will be a mess because of the LaTeX commands, but go through until you find section 6 entitled "Building Format Files" (page 24 when printed through OzTeX). Cut and paste this section to a new file window. Strip off the Latex commands if they are anoying to you and print this out from Alpha not OzTeX. Then laod and look at the default file under the Configs menu of OzTeX. Save the original copy of the default file under default.small. Read the comments in the default file itself, do the recommended cut and paste, and then save as the new default file. Also save this also as default.big. This should make a new default file for a "big" format according to the instructions in section 6 of the OzTeX manual. Be sure to run INITEX as per the instructions and reconfigure the Plain.fmt, LaTeX.fmt, AMSTeX.fmt or the new default file will not work properly.

4) The AAS supplied AASTeX files as downloaded from the web must be expanded using Unstuff or similar utility as they are supplied only in .zip or .tar format. In the AAS folder are both the earlier LaTeX version AASTeX4.0 and the AASTeX version 5.0. I have used the version 5.0 files with version 3.1.5 OzTeX. The aastex.cls and natbib.sty files are the most important files to copy (not move) out of the AASTeX 5.0 folder and as a minimum MUST be in the same folder where your paper's .tex, .aux, and .dvi files are being constructed. Figures should also be in this folder, preferably in EPS format, but OzTeX will place PICT files properly. The .log and .aux files will be put in the same place by OzTeX.

5) Also in the AAS folder is a copy of the AAS Users guide, a symbols guide and a sample astronomical paper in LaTeX format. It is a good idea to print out both the .tex and .dvi versions of the same sample files. The sample files can be used as document templates, if you are a novice.

6)There is a freeware spell checker for LaTeX called Excalibur. I put my copy in the same folder as OzTeX folder. Before using Excalibur with AASTeX make sure you have the LateX options on under the Excalibur OPTIONS menu before you try to spell check any .tex file. THIS IS NOT AUTOMATIC. Also you may have to always specify the extra dictionaries you want to use by making sure the dictionary name is checked off under the Dictionaries meun on the Excalibur menubar. Even when the LaTex menu option is checked not all the AASTeX commands will be picked up unless you have a special AASTeX Dictionary setup. I have created a new Excalibur dictionary called "AAS Dictionary" which was compiled by spell checking aasguide.tex, sample.tex, and table.tex document and it should pick up most of the remaining AAS commands and symbols. Put a copy of AAS Dictionary into the Excalibur folder to make it available. Then reboot. By checking the directory name in the Directories menu you then use the AAS Dictionary just like any other. You may then also create new personal dictionaries by clicking on Create Dictionary under its Dictionary menu. Use title 'My Dictionary' or some such as the name.) When spell check a your .tex document for the first time all "saved" words will go in there. You can create a new dictionary for each document if you don't want to fill your personal dictionary with little used items for a particular paper. It is a pain to do the first time but it pays off later. There is no direct link from Excalibur, but it does Drag and Drop very nicely. Changes are saved automatically back into your .tex file

7) Once the memory is expanded you should be able to use OzTeX to print out its own manual as well as the AAS manual along with the sample documents, tutorials etc. Look in the Tex-docs for the OzTeX sample tutorial. Look in Help-files for various help files and LaTeX-docs for the various OzTeX manuals and the LaTeX Short Course. These should all have .dvi file versions so you can print them out immediately. If not then you get to typeset them first to make the .dvi files and them print. Also there are a number of additional configurations such as 600 dpi, etc available in OzTeX under the Configs menu. You may have to involke some of them to print out properly on your printer. Sometimes when dumping to a non-postscript printer QzTex will display a menu complaining that your resolution is not 300 dpi or 600 dpi. You should not have a problem as long as your printer has a mode near either 300 or 600 dpi. Just click o.k. and go on. Shortly after the display of the menu the program will hang because it has gone off to OzMF to make the missing fonts, but can't run as long as you are switched on OzTeX itself. You need to click on the new OzMF window or otherwise change to OzMF (You could select the OzMF icon on the top menubar, but the clck in the OzMF window seems quicker.) Once the switch has been made OzMF completes its tasks and the printin goes ahead.

8)Normal Drag and Drop of Mac OS 8x will not work when working between the two packages except for files generated by the packages themselves. You must boot OzTeX separately before or just after Alpha or OzTeX will not pick up the default format files at startup. Drag and Drop appaerntly will not do the necessary initialization. It is handy to have both an Alpha alias, Excalibur alias and an OzTeX alias on the desktop to boot these before loading the file.

9) To be able to access OzTeX from Alpha you must use the "Choose editor" command under the Edit command in OzTeX. It is also a good idea to expand the memory available to OzTeX by building new format files (see section 6.1 of the OzTeX manual).

10) Sometimes OzTeX reverts to the Plain TeX format and the AASTeX package will not run properly. Then you should go to the TeX menu of OzTeX and select the LaTeX option.

11) Notice that while OzTeX runs from Alpha through its little OzTeX icon, OzTeX does not return the favor. You must manually switch back to Alpha to edit the .tex file. This is done either by selecting the Alpha icon in the application "switcher" on the right hand side of the OS menubar or by clicking in the Alpha window showing the desired .tex file.

12) When transporting the whole working package to another machine, don't forget to pick up all OzTeX (including OzMF and OzMP preferences), the extra Excalibur stuff from its folder and Alpha preferences from the system folder. Otherwise the wrong preferences will exist and the packages will be limited to the default state (ugh !).