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Why Exascale Radio Astronomy?

The repercussions of complex data explosion are deeply felt in the field of astronomy especially radio astronomy where the science-data output of the order of petascale leading to exascale are rapidly becoming a daunting reality. The expert panel at the Supercomputing Conference 2010 in New Orleans LA recognized the computational challenges of Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope as one of the top real-world applications for baseline exascale computing. The roadmap leading to SKA and exascale computational challenge is punctuated with near-term telescopes with petascale requirements, viz., Atacama Large Millimeter/Sub-millimeter Array (ALMA), extended Very Large Array (eVLA), Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) etc. therefore making the problems current.

To avoid the impasse and successfully simulate, process and analyze unprecedentedly large volumes of data for generating important scientific results will require in depth research and development of new computational architectures, programming models, algorithms, standardizations, frameworks, and tools. Most importantly, the research and development of the eco-system will require transformative shift from the traditional in-house development methodology to close collaborations and co-design with community networks and cross-discipline expertise of high-performance computing (HPC) professionals along with radio astronomers and the industry. All these are necessary before and in parallel with telescope hardware development, and associated challenges such as efficient power provision and use.

The Exascale Radio Astronomy (ERA) conference of AASTCS provides a unique opportunity to marshal disparate expertise and focus on impending challenges in cross-disciplinary areas of radio astronomy to help define common solutions for a wider community.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Hemant Shukla
(Chair and Organizer)
LBNL/UC Berkeley


Govind Swarup GMRT
Paul Shapiro University of Texas
Melvyn Wright UC Berkeley


Aaron Evans University of Virginia/NRAO
Ilian T Iliev University of Sussex
Leon Koopmans LOFAR/Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
Joseph Lazio JPL
Garrelt Mellema Stockholm University
Ue-Li Pen Canadian Institute of Theoretical Physics
Hemant Shukla LBNL/UC Berkeley
Oleg Smirnov SKA/Rhodes University
Elena D'Onghia University of Wisconsin
Sui Ann Mao University of Wisconsin
Yuexing Li Pennsylvania State University


David Hawkins Caltech
Sandeep Sirothia GMRT


Wen-mei Hwu University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Sudip Dosanjh NERSC
Brian Glendenning NRAO
Ana Varbenescu Delft University