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AAS Electronic Notification Service - Announcement #54 6/98

[Mailed from at 2:20 pm, 10 June 1998]


  1. NISE Graduate Forum
  2. 1999 AAS Membership Directory Deadline
  3. San Diego Pictures Online
  4. Space Interferometry Mission, NRA
  5. Missing Sentence from June Newsletter Article, "Astronomrs in the Commercial Sector"


1. National Institute for Science Education (NISE) Graduate Forum Alan Rapoport, NISE

A NSF-sponsored, National Institute for Science Education (NISE) Graduate Forum, will be held 29-30 June 1998 at the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel in Arlington VA. This forum will feature promising practices in graduate education in the United States and alternative strategies for successfully implementing such practices. It is one of a number of NSF supported initiatives intended to improve data and information about science and engineering graduate education in the United States. Dr. Bordogna will be one of the opening speakers at the event, presenting an NSF overview.

Space at the Forum is limited to 300 participants. A general registration fee of $100 (waived for students) is being charged to all participants, including Federal government employees. They should be made out to: NISE Graduate Forum; WestEd; 2000 L St. NW, Suite 616, Washington, DC, 20036. Attn: Steve Lewis

Further inforamtion and a registration form are avaible on the web:


2. Are You Listed Correctly in the AAS Directory?

Please check your entry in the online AAS Membership Directory.

Any changes should be sent to Please reference your Member ID# when submitting an update. The online Directory is updated weekly. The deadline for address changes for the 1999  paper Directory is 8 August 1998.


3. San Diego Meeting Pictures Online

As a new service to the press, we are posting photos of the AAS Meeting in San Diego, 7-11 June 1998. You can view  them at:


4. Space Interferometry Mission

NASA Research Announcement NRA 98-OSS-07 is released to  solicit proposals for investigations regarding the Space  Interferometry Mission (SIM). This NRA solicits proposals for  supporting basic research, analysis, and technology whose  objectives are construction of the SIM reference grid, and other long lead-time science investigations. Astrometrically stable grid objects have positions reproducible to
4 microarcseconds, once proper motion and parallax are taken into account. The deadline for proposals in response to this NRA is 28 July 1998.

Further information about the program may be obtained from the Program Scientist, Dr. Harley Thronson (,
or at the NASA OSS home page, at:

For information on the Space Interferometry Mission, visit:


5. Correction to June Newsletter Article

The last sentence of the, "Astronomers in the Commercial Sector" June Newsletter article was accidently deleted. The last paragraph should have read:

"How does industry recruit new employees? Industry is constantly searching for candidates with the highest possible qualifications.  Over the last 3 years, RSTX filled approximately 400 positions per year. Of these, approximately 26% were from employee referrals, 14% from outside referrals, 20% from internal transfers, 12% from print advertising, 9% from the Internet, 5% from re-hires, 3% from campus recruiting, 3% from job fairs and the remainder from a variety of sources. These statistics show that "networking" is by far the leading way to find employment in industry. Consequently, it is important to cultivate and maintain relationships with industrial scientists and to discuss your qualifications and career goals with them. Second, the Internet is becoming competitive with print advertising and far more desirable from the company's perspective because of its low cost and immediacy. Furthermore, this form of recruitment is bound to grow. So check the WEB sites of companies you are interested in frequently, since openings can come and go very quickly."


An AAS Electronic Announcement is mailed to all members around the 10th of each month. Included are important items that do not fit into the schedule of the AAS Newsletter.

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