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AAS Electronic Notification Service - Announcement #30
[Mailed from at Mon, 7 Oct 96 4:09 EDT]

The second phase of the AAS/NSF sponsored study to examine graduate education in astronomy and astrophysics will be three regional workshops to be held during the month of November, 1996. Invitations for two attendees have been issued to each department granting a degree in astronomy or astrophysics.

Keynote speakers at the regional workshops will be:

EAST/SOUTH - Neal Lane, Director of the National Science Foundation

MIDWEST - Phillip Griffiths, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study

[WEST] - Marye Anne Fox, Vice President for Research the University of Texas at Austin and former Director of the National Science Board

Each department chair has been asked to discuss with their departments the desirability of changing federal support modes for graduate students and of broadening graduate program goals in preparation for the workshops. Input from the rest of the astronomical community will be requested at a special session at the Toronto AAS meeting. The study will culminate in a report that is expected to provide the framework for developing informed policy discussions on graduate education for our community and our funding agencies.

Additional information about these workshops can be found at URL

Department Chairs who have not yet registered for a workshop, please contact your local organizing committee representative now!