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AAS Electronic Notification Service #2
This is the second of the AAS electronic announcements. We have included a few reminders and four NASA announcements for proposal deadlines which are time-critical. The Washington situation remains about the same. It is not too late to make your vopice neard. Re-read the April 11 announcement.

* Reminder: The AAS Small Research Grant Deadline is May 9.  Proposals may be FAXed to 202-234-2560. See p. 23 of the AAS Membership Directory

* Reminder: The AAS Dues deadline is May 20, 1994. Questions? Please send to To change your address, send it to

* Minnesota Meeting: Over 600 people have registered - a good sized meeting.

* AAS Executive Office move: Despite earlier projections the office will not move until June 3 (or later). When we do move, the phone, FAX and electronic addresses will remain the same.

* NASA announcements:

  1.  Astrophysics Theory - Due May 30
  2.  UV, Visible Gravity R&A - Due May 27
  3.  IR, SMM Radio, Lab Astrophysics - Letter Due May 13, Proposal due July 1
  4.  ISO Guest Observing Proposal GHuidelines



NASA Research Announcement (NRA 93-OSS-06)

Proposals Due: May 30, 1994

The NASA Research Announcement (NRA) for the Astrophysics Theory Program (NRA  93-OSS-06), released August 27, 1993, invited proposal submission at any time during the period ending November 29, 1993. Subsequently, the proposal due date was extended because long-term plans for Astrophysics programs were under review. A new proposal due date of May 30, 1994 has now been established for proposals in response to this NRA. Funding of accepted proposals is expected to begin in September 1994.

Please note that research in theoretical Astrophysics which was previously supported by awards from Research and Analysis Programs within the High-Energy, Ultraviolet and Gravitational, and Infrared and Radio Astrophysics Branches, will from now on be consolidated with the Astrophysics Theory Program. Due to the enlarged scope of the program, the usual prohibition on narrowly-focussed, discipline-specific proposals will be relaxed, and such proposals are welcome.

The NRA appendices are available through anonymous file-transfer-protocol (ftp) from Internet host ( or NSI-DECnet host nssdca:: (15.188). ASCII and Postscript files for all Appendices and required forms are located in the directory [.hq-nras], sub directory [.nra_93-oss-06]. For further information, please contact Dr. Guenter Riegler or Darrell New, Astrophysics Division, Code SZE, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington DC 20546, at email: (telephone 202-358-0370).



NASA Research Announcement (NRA 94-OSS-07)

Letters of Intent Due: May 27, 1994
Proposals Due: July 21, 1994

This NASA Research Announcement (NRA) solicits basic research proposals to conduct investigations for the Ultraviolet, Visible, and Gravitational Astrophysics Program, which is aimed at a better understanding of astrophysical objects and phenomena as revealed through their ultraviolet and visible radiation and topics in general relativistic and gravitational astrophysics.
Proposed research may include observational topics, experimental laboratory astrophysics, supporting technology studies and studies in gravitational physics and relativity. Sounding rocket, detector development and theoretical investigations are not covered under this program.

Further details, including the full text of the NRA and Appendices, are available via anonymous ftp from the Astrophysics Division's ftp server ( in the PUB directory as UV-VIS-GRAV_R+A_NRA.txt or from Dr. Peter W. Vedder, Astrophysics Division, Code SZB, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 300 E Street SW, Washington DC 20546, at
email: (telephone (202) 358-0341).



NASA Research Announcement (NRA 94-0SS-06)

The NASA Research Announcement NRA 94-OSS-06 "Infrared, Submillimeter, and Radio Astronomy Research and Analysis Program: Laboratory Astrophysics," was released on April 1. This NRA solicits proposals with a duration up to 2 years duration, covering FY 1995-1996. Letters of Intent are due May 13, and proposals are due July 1.

For further information please contact Jan M. Vrtilek, Astrophysics Division, Code SZ, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 300 E Street SW, Washington DC 20546, at email: (telephone (202) 358-0341).


NASA plans to distribute to AAS members information regarding the European Space Agency (ESA) Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for Open Time Observations with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO). ISO consists of a cryogenically-cooled 60 cm telescope and a complement of four instruments that provide wavelength coverage from the near-infrared to 200 microns.

The initial mailing will consist of cover letters from Dr. Dan Weedman, Director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA Headquarters, and Dr. Roger Bonnet, Director of Scientific Programs at ESA, in addition to a short Executive Summary of the ISO mission. An extensive set of written documentation, which provides details on the ISO mission, its instrument capabilities, and guidelines for proposal preparation and submission, are available upon request to e-mail

NASA and ESA will be jointly sponsoring a series of ISO workshops at various sites around the US in May/June. Questions should be directed to Dr. Michael Bicay, Astrophysics Division, Code SZ, NASA, 300 E Street SW, Washington DC 20546, at email:, (telephone (202) 358-0341)