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AAS Informational Email 2010-4

Subject: AAS Decadal Survey Release Event and AAS Decadal Survey Town Halls: Member Support Requested

Debbie Elmegreen, AAS President
John Huchra, AAS Past-President and CAPP Chair

We eagerly anticipate the 2010 Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey Committee report that will be released Friday, August 13, and look forward to the announcement of the exciting opportunities it will present. It is vital that we uniformly support the report and its recommendations .

NRC Release Event

The Astro2010 survey committee's report will be released at 11am on Friday, August 13 at a webcast e-Townhall meeting hosted by the National Research Council.

Owing to the limited number of connections that will available, the NRC will be asking members of the astronomy and astrophysics community to organize local gatherings to watch a live web cast of a series of presentations on the report by members of the survey committee instead of having numerous people watching individually. The presentations will be followed by a short question and answer session which will include the opportunity to email in questions from your locally organized gathering.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for the research community to get an immediate briefing on the report. More information will be available very shortly on the Astro2010 web page

AAS Decadal Survey Town Halls: Member Support Requested

In order for the astronomical community to be able to hear about the recommendations in greater detail this fall, the AAS will organize a set of live Town Halls across the country with local support provided in the form of a venue and appropriate audiovisual resources. These Town Halls would each entail perhaps a half-day meeting, in which a presentation of the report by a Decadal Survey committee member would be followed by a Q&A session fielded by an AAS officer or councilor.

We seek volunteers to host the meetings, just as the community did for the Town Halls at the start of the Decadal process. However, unlike those Town Halls, this time around the AAS will need to determine which requests to host Town Halls can be selected, because there needs to be geographic diversity in the locations, along with coordination of travel for AAS Council and Decadal committee members.

We envision as many as 10-12 Town Halls around the country, culminating with a final event at the Seattle AAS meeting in January 2011.

The local host would be responsible for arranging the venue and for costs (which should be minimal) associated with the event. The AAS has no funds available for expenses for the Town Halls. The Town Halls could be any time during September through November; earlier is probably better.

If you are interested in hosting an AAS Decadal Survey Town Hall, please send your intent along with your preferred location/date to president at by August 23 and we will make the selections as soon as possible after that.

[Mailed from 28 July 2010]

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