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AAS Council Seeks Input On Ethics Statement

The Council of the AAS has developed and endorsed the following draft ethics statement, pending input from our members. It is intended to represent a consensus, and thus necessarily may not include every issue that is important to each member of the AAS. It is our hope that it will be a useful starting point for discussion of professional ethics with students moving into a professional career. It may also prove useful as a reference to standard practice in US astronomy in some cases where there is an issue that arises, perhaps in the context of cultural differences between areas of science or parts of the world.

While the text of the ethics statement remains the responsibility of the AAS Council, we are interested in hearing from members before we make a final version public. To this end, we have opened a forum on the Ethics Statement at This will be open from now through 15 August. Comments will then be compiled and considered by the Council in preparing the final version.

The draft Ethics Statement is also posted on in this AAS forum and comments may be sent directly to the moderator, Lee Anne Willson, AAS Vice President. Unless you specify otherwise, she will assume you intend your comments to be posted on the forum. You will need to create a login for the forum to post if you do not already have one.

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