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Meetings Tag Definition: Relates to the overall Meetings program and everything produced by the Meetings Department.  Additional meeting specific tags (e.g. aas222) are used to categorize items for individual meetings.


  • Items produced by other departments for a specific meeting do not contain the general Meetings tag. They are categoriezed within their subject area (e.g. Press, Policy, Public Outreach) plus they contain the specific meeting tag (e.g. aas222).
  • Members may subscribe to the main Meetings category to receive notifications for ALL meetings OR they may subscribe to individual meetings using the specific meeting number tags. 

47th DPS Meeting Information for Students

Going to conferences and giving talks and posters as a new student, especially for your first time, can seem like an overwhelming experience.  We've included some links here with valuable information for first-time conference attendees, as well as information on how to prepare and give a good talk or poster.  Much of the advice can be useful for people at all levels of their career as well.

47th DPS Meeting Local Activities


We've prepared an interactive map showing many of the locations described below, as well as the hotels and locations of other conference events.

General Info

While you're visiting Tucson for the meeting, and especially if you have an extra day or two before or after, make sure to take advantage of the many attractions in town and throughout southern Arizona. Two good general sources of information are:


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