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Meetings Tag Definition: Relates to the overall Meetings program and everything produced by the Meetings Department.  Additional meeting specific tags (e.g. aas222) are used to categorize items for individual meetings.


  • Items produced by other departments for a specific meeting do not contain the general Meetings tag. They are categoriezed within their subject area (e.g. Press, Policy, Public Outreach) plus they contain the specific meeting tag (e.g. aas222).
  • Members may subscribe to the main Meetings category to receive notifications for ALL meetings OR they may subscribe to individual meetings using the specific meeting number tags. 

Regional Meetings

The AAS seeks to achieve its mission to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe via a variety of activities, including organizing meetings. However, it is inefficient for the AAS staff to organize small gatherings at the regional level. At the 224th AAS meeting in Boston, a new effort was proposed — AAS Regional Meetings. The AAS endorses regional meetings that meet a few simple rules designed to support and foster diverse astronomical discourse.


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