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HAD Tag Definition: Relates to the Historical Astronomy Division (HAD), Working Group on the Preservation of Astronomical Heritage (WGPAH) and the history of science. Includes history grants, prizes and awards.


  • Obituaries do not have subject tags, members subscribe to Obituary Email Notices by content type rather than category.
  • We only publish immediate death notices for officers; they are tagged as Governance.

Outstanding Member Obituaries

The AAS/Historical Astronomy Division (HAD) Obituary Committee is responsible for commissioning and compiling obituaries for deceased members of the Society. These obituaries are published as a tribute and for the benefit of future historians of science. The committee depends entirely on our astronomical colleagues, including astronomy-department and observatory administrators, who knew the deceased, for help writing obituaries. Currently there are a number of recently and not-so-recently deceased AAS members for whom we lack written obituaries.


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