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Employment Tag Definition: Everything related to getting and keeping a job and the Employment Committee.


  • Internships are listed in the Education Learn section and tagged as Employment.
  • ALL astronomy fellowships are published in the Job Register not the main website.
  • Science policy fellowships are listed in the Policy Resources section and tagged as Employment.
  • A separate tag for Professional Development may be added if needed.

Career Profiles

The AAS Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA) and the AAS Committee on Employment have compiled dozens of interviews highlighting the diversity of career trajectories available to astronomers both inside and outside of academia.

AAS Career Center

Career Center Details

The AAS hosts a Career Center at each winter AAS meeting. Usually housed in the Exhibit Hall, the Career Center has resources and services for job seekers and hiring managers alike. The AAS collects CVs and makes them available to recruiters; posts job announcements; facilitates matchmaking between job seekers and hiring managers; and hosts "office space" (i.e., tables and chairs in a secluded meeting room) for on-the-spot interviews.


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