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224th Meeting Science Program Updates

Withdrawn Abstracts

Items on this page are changes that occured after the program went to print

102.03Flicker as a Tool for Characterizing Exoplanets  David Kipping (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)

111.04: Investigating An X-Class Long-Duration Confined Flare Rui Liu (University of Science & Technology of China)

120.18: Giant Planet Accretion in a Low-Turbulence Circumplanetary Disk Gennaro D'Angelo (NASA Ames Research Center)

123.19: Flare Clustering Alan Title (Lockheed Martin)

223.01: SOFIA/FORCAST and Herschel/PACS Observations of S106: The Warm Dust Component Joseph Adams (SOFIA-USRA)

323.66: Temporal Evolution of Solar Wind Ion Composition and their Source Coronal Holes During the Declining Phase of Cycle 23 Yuan-Kuen Ko (Naval Research Laboratory)

403.04: Magnetic Reconnection in Filamentary Structures of the Solar Corona and Relevant Modes Producing Reconnection in Laboratory Plasmas Bruno Coppi (MIT)

407.05: Isolating the first populations in cosmic infrared background: from Spitzer to Euclid Alexander Kashlinsky (NASA's GSFC)

414.03: Two Categories of Apparent Tornado-like Prominences Sara Martin