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AAS 218 Meeting Videos

Remembering John Huchra

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Marc Postman's "John Huchra: Teacher and Mentor"

Invited Sessions

  • 100: Welcoming Address (Audio Only)
  • 101: Kavli Lecture: The 2050 Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Audio Only)
  • 109: Stars Planets and The Weather If You Don't Like It Wait 5 Billion Years (Audio Only)
  • 200: The Pan-STARRS Wide-Field Imaging Survey
  • 208: Russell Prize: Mapping the Universe with Redshift Surveys and Weak Lensing
  • 216: Early Science with the Expanded Very Large Array
  • 300: Demographics in Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • 308: From Hot Jupiters to Habitable Worlds
  • 400: The Least Luminous Galaxies in the Universe
  • Press Conferences

    • NASA's Kepler Mission: A Progress Report
    • The Most Important Object in the History of Cosmology
    • Once & Future Supernovae
    • First Results from the Expanded Very Large Array
    • An Astronomical Assortment
    • Galaxies Near And Very, Very Far