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Instructions for Posting

AAS Members may submit items for publication and distribution by the AAS.  All content is reviewed prior to publication and will be reclassified if necessary.

Posts are articles that need to be brought to the attention of AAS members.  Items that in the past would have been submitted for the Newsletter or Electronic Announcement.  Members may submit four types of posts:

1.  News Item - Timely announcements and articles.

Common News Items: Project updates and honors received by AAS members.
Rarely accepted items: External meeting announcements which should be submitted as Events.

2.  Opportunity - Soliciting proposals and applications.

Common Opportunities: Call for observing proposals, grant proposals and prize applications.
Rarely accepted items: Fellowship or job solicitations which should be submitted as job ads to the AAS Job Register.

3.  Letter - Letter to the Editor or Dear Colleague letter.

Common Letters: Response to something previously published, or comment/suggestion on AAS policy. Letters from agency officials on public policy.

4.  Story - Reports and articles that are not time sensitive.

The Story content type is meant for articles that may need to be archived for future generations.  Articles that may have long term significance in the administrative or sociological aspects of the AAS or modern astronomy. 

5. The fifth type Blog is reserved for AAS Staff.

Posts are published on the AAS website and depending on author, reviewer and member choices may optionally be:

  • distributed as Email Notifications. AAS Members choose the Subjects for which they want to be notified.  Email Notifications reach a targeted audience rather then the entire AAS membership.
  • distributed on social media.  If the author submits appropriate length text for social media, with reviewer approval the post can be automatically sent to the AAS Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • included in a Newsletter compilation.  Posts will be compiled bi-monthly into a PDF Newsletter for archiving and distribution to members without internet access. Inclusion will depend on the shelf-life of the post and reviewer approval. 

Step-by-Step Posting Instructions are available if needed >>

Impending deadlines relevant to most AAS members are published on the AAS website and depending on author, reviewer and member choices may optionally be distributed as Email Notifications.

Astronomy-related meetings, conferences, workshops and events are published in the online Calendar.  Depending on author, reviewer and member choices events may optionally be distributed as Email Notifications.

Job Register
Submission to the Job Register is a seperate process.

Journal Articles
Submission instructions may be found on the specific journals website and in the Publications section.

Death notices should be sent to