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On behalf of NASA and the Spitzer Space Telescope Project, the Spitzer Science Center (SSC) at Caltech is pleased to announce the release of the Cycle 10 Call for Proposals (CP).

Seven AAS members have been honored by the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Franklin Institute for contributions to the advancement of astronomy, astrophysics, and planetary science.

The first Virtual Town Hall meeting of the NASA Astrophysics Roadmap Team will be held 6-7 May 2013, during which a compelling 30-year vision for astrophysics will be presented via Adobe Connect and a teleconference.

One of the key features of our new website and communication system is the ability to customize the delivery of electronic content from the Society according to your personal preferences. While this feature is being debugged and improved, we'll alert you to important articles on our website via an every-other-week AAS News Digest.

The first of 12 planned Data Releases, DR1, from the Digital Access to a Sky Century @ Harvard (DASCH) project is now available. These are the first results from production scanning of the ~500,000 Harvard glass plate images covering the full sky from 1885 to 1992.

Due to popular demand, the "Probes of Dark Matter on Galaxy Scales" and "Exascale Radio Astronomy" conferences in Monterey, California, have extended their abstract-submission deadlines to 15 May!

CARMA, the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy, is accepting observing proposals for its 2013b semester, which will extend from 12 August 2013 to 24 February 2014.

AST division director Jim Ulvestad provides updates on the FY 2013 budget, the FY 2014 budget request, the AAG and PAARE grant programs, the ALMA inauguration in Chile, and forthcoming management competitions for several NSF-funded national facilities.

In the latest installment from the AAS Career Profiles series, cosponsored by the CSWA and Committee on Employment, Dr. Monica Young traces her evolution from research astronomer to website editor for Sky & Telescope magazine.

The AAS has a surplus of books. We offer them to members on a first-come, first-served basis. A flat shipping and handling fee of $10.00 per book applies. Discounted shipping may be available for bulk orders.