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We are grateful for the following AAS members who have agreed to stand for election. Please support their dedication by voting. Members eligible to vote will be notified when the electronic ballot is posted on

Telling our story has become more and more important as we begin to peer over the fiscal cliff.  We must tell our story on the importance of investing in the astronomical sciences or we risk critical losses in funding.  Contact policy makers and your members of Congress to tell your story on how

The UNBSSI is a long-term effort for the development of astronomy and space science through regional and international cooperation in this field on a worldwide basis, particularly in developing nations. UNBSSI workshops are co-sponsored and co-organized by ESA, JAXA, and NASA.

NSO Observing Proposal Deadline - 15 November: Service Mode Information

Sustainability is a complex issue with a large array of consequences ranging from local to global and from scientific and economic to natural and spiritual.

Although recent decades have seen significant progress by women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), this rate of progress is not shared by women scientists belonging to underrepresented minorities.

Working Outside the Box

The Space Telescope Science Institute

The JWST Science Operations Design Reference Mission (SODRM)