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Instructions for participating in the Communicating With Washington program.

05 Nov 2013 - Public Policy

This example of a phone conversation assumes an astronomer is calling a Congressperson's office about a letter sponsored by two Congressmen and being sent to the House leadership.

04 Sep 2013 - Public Policy

List of Agencies, Advisors, and Policy Makers involved in funding astronomy.

31 Jan 2014 - Public Policy

In addition to the AAS  John Bahcall Public Policy Fellowship, there are several other options for AAS members to enter the world of science policy.  Some fellowships are listed below:

17 Jun 2014 - Employment, Public Policy

Contains information on the US government budget cycles and the astronomical sciences' place in them.

03 Nov 2013 - Public Policy

Resources for Contacting Congress including tools to find the name of your Representative and Senator(s), tips on how to structure a letter,a personal visit, or a phone call and how to schedule a visit.

04 Sep 2013 - Public Policy

Congress MergeGet up-to-date contact information for your Representatives and Senators. Use the Congress Merge database to search for members of Congress

06 Sep 2013 - Public Policy
  • THOMAS - The Library of Congress Legislative Information Service
02 Jul 2014 - Public Policy