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Demographics Committee

History: Established 2010.



Charge: Determine what demographic data are useful to collect and maintain about the AAS membership and prepare analysis and reports to Council on such data as necessary. The committee will help develop their strategy in consultation with the AAS Membership Director; the first step is to review what demographic data already exists in the AAS membership database and its completeness.

Committee members

  • Marc Postman, Chair (Jun 2010 - Aug 2015)
    3700 San Martin Dr
    Community Missions Office
    Baltimore, MD 21218-2410 United States
    (410) 338-4340
    Fax: (410) 338-4424
  • Nancy Remage Evans (Jun 2010 - Aug 2015)
  • Dara J. Norman (Jun 2010 - Aug 2015)