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Author Instructions

Articles published in the journals of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) present the results of significant original research that have not been published previously. Manuscripts submitted to the journals should meet this criterion and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The journals of the AAS subscribe to the basic standards of professional ethics and conduct that are common across all areas of scholarly publishing. Authors submitting manuscripts to these journals are expected to be familiar with, and to follow, the guidelines set out in the policy.


The AAS Journals, guided by a Task Force on the Future of our Journals, are undergoing important changes that will affect the way authors prepare, submit, review, and publish articles. Concomitant changes to the author instructions on this page are forthcoming. If you have questions about appropriateness of the extant instructions then please email our Authoring Support team <>.

Submission Instructions
General instructions on how to submit your manuscript.

AASTeX enables you to prepare manuscripts and tables for electronic submission to AJ and ApJ, as well as some non-AAS journals like the PASP.  You can download the package or read the documentation for samples. The current version of the package is AASTeX v5.2.

Publication fees are required for publication in the journals of the American Astronomical Society. These cover some of the costs of publication and allow us to more fairly share charges between researchers and libraries.

Copyright Policy
Before your article con be published in an AAS journal, we require you to grant and assign the entire copyright in it to the AAS.

Permission Requests
Templates are available if you need to use copyrighted material.

Online-only Materials Guidelines
Some content can be published in the electronic medium that cannot be incorporated in the print versions of the journals.



Manuscript Preparation
Style Guide for preparing AJ and ApJ your manuscripts.

Graphics Guidelines
Guidelines for submitting images as part of your manuscript.

References and Citations
Guidelines for citing references in your manuscript.

Machine Readable Tables
Guidelines to ensure that your tables are machine readable, which allows you to present all of your data in the electronic edition.

Subject Keywords
Subject keywords that help us classify articles in the journals.

Figure Sets
A new way of displaying Iarge numbers of online-only figures.



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