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The Van Biesbroeck Prize is normally awarded every two years and honors a living individual for long-term extraordinary or unselfish service to astronomy, often beyond the requirements of his or her paid position. The AAS assumed responsibility for the prize in 1997.

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Year Recipient(s) Citation
2014 Michael Hauser For strategic vision that guided first his early career involvement in the IR space missions when he established and led the IR group at Goddard, and later his role as the STScI deputy director playing a key part in turning STScI into a multi-mission institution. In both these roles, Dr. Hauser lead and enabled changes that ultimately are to the benefit of the broader astronomical community
2012 C. Megan Urry For her tireless efforts to enhance the participation of women in astronomy and other scientific disciplines, through the organization of meetings, written works, lectures and effective mentoring, done outside and in addition to her work as a scientist.
2011 David S. Leckrone For three decades of selfless dedication to the instrumenting, servicing, and science programs of the Hubble Space Telescope, through informed advocacy, technical management, and outreach to diverse constituencies in education, government, the science community and the general public.
2010 Virginia Trimble For her many years of dedicated service to the national and international communities of astronomers, including her expert assessments of progress in all fields of astrophysics and her significant roles in supporting organizations, boards, committees and foundations in the cause of astronomy.
2009 Father George V. Coyne For the diversity and scientific richness he has brought to the astronomical community through his visionary leadership of the Vatican Observatory Summer School (VOSS) and its long-term mentoring program, and for the unique role he has played at the juncture of science and religion.
2008 Peter Stetson For his life-long efforts to enable, counsel, and help others do effective research wit the tools that he has developed, specifically the DAOPHOT family of reduction programs for the analysis of astronomical images.
2007 Stephen P. Maran For his outstanding and unselfish long-term contribution to the astronomical community as Press Officer for the American Astronomical Society.
2005 Eric Greisen For the initiation, development, and maintenance for twenty-five years of the Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS). 
2004 Rodger Doxsey For his outstanding, unselfish dedication to making HST one of the most scientifically productive telescopes of all time.
2003 Donat G. Wentzel For outstanding and sustained contributions during three decades to astronomy education in this country.
2002 Victor M. Blanco  For outstanding service in building the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory and in leading its scientific, technical and support staff.
2001 Michael J. Kurtz For being the visionary designer of the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) which clearly has revolutionized for over a decade the speed and thoroughness in which astronomers now can search and access the vast and still growing technical literature.
2000 D. Harold McNamara  
1999 Barry M. Lasker  
1998 Frank J. Lovas  
1997 Helmut A. Abt  

Awarded by Van Biesbroeck Award, Inc.
Year Recipient(s)
1996 Dave Crawford
1995 Arlo U. Landolt
1994 Wayne H. Warren, Jr.
1993 Janet Mattei
1992 Bob Kurucz
1991 Barry Clark
1990 Aden Meinel
1989 Brian Marsden
1988 Dorrit Hoffleit
1987 omitted
1986 John Hill
1985 Mark Giampapa
1984 John Stocke
1983 skipped
1982 Erick Young
1981 Marc Aaronson, Jeremy Mould
1980 Marcia Rieke
1979 Scott Davis