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Classes of Membership

Application for admission to the AAS, in any category of membership, requires nomination by Full Members of the American Astronomical Society.

Full Membership

Full Membership is open to any person deemed capable of preparing an acceptable scientific paper on some subject of astronomy or related branch of science. Supporting evidence for nomination to Full Membership should include at least one of the following:

What is the AAS policy on use of mailing lists?

Postal Addresses
The AAS will permit use of the mailing list by commercial and non-commercial organizations. Details of products or events must be submitted and judged to be of potential interest to a significant fraction of the membership. Authorization is given for one-time use of the list on each occasion. A small fee is charged to cover handling. The AAS mailing list is never sold to firms unrelated to astronomy or science.


Tax-deductible gifts in any amount may be sent by check or credit card directly to the AAS Executive Office. If you wish to direct your contribution to a specific objective, simply indicate the fund(s) for which the gift is designated.

Working Group on LGBTIQ Equality (WGLE)


History: Established January 8, 2012

Members: Members of the working group are drawn from the community and appointed by the WGLE executive committee. All AAS members are invited to participate.

Term: The working group is governed by a 5-member executive committee appointed by the AAS Council. Their three-year terms are staggered. The chair is elected by the executive committee.