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AAS Publishing Video

Want to learn more about AAS publishing? Visit our "What Is the AAS?" page and click on the Publishing button to watch a short video.

AAS Journals Transition

A Task Force on the Future of our Journals, appointed by the Council, has recommended a number of changes to enhance the value and utility of the AAS publications. The AAS Journals Transition Team is currently working to formulate a detailed plan, taking into account input from the community. Detailed updates on this process, and solicition for community feedback can be found at  

AAS Nova: Research Highlights

AAS Nova highlights results published in the AAS's peer-reviewed journals. It provides a curation service to inform astronomy researchers and enthusiasts about breakthroughs and discoveries they might otherwise overlook.


The Astronomical Journal
The AJ publishes original astronomical research, with an emphasis on significant scientific results derived from observations, including descriptions of data capture, surveys, analysis techniques, and astrophysical interpretation.

The Astrophysical Journal
The ApJ is the foremost research journal in the world devoted to recent developments, discoveries, and theories in astronomy and astrophysics.

The Astrophysical Journal Letters
The ApJ Letters is a peer-reviewed express scientific journal that allows astrophysicists to rapidly publish short notices of significant original research.

Bulletin of the AAS
The BAAS publishes abstracts from Society and Division meetings, obituaries of Society members, and scholarly articles related to astronomy as a discipline.

Other AAS Publications
In addition to our journals the AAS, some of its Divisions, and some of its committees publish newsletters in print and/or electronically.