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The JWST Science Operations Design Reference Mission (SODRM)

Harvey and Victoria Bricker Awarded the 2013 Donald E. Osterbrock Book Prize for Astronomy in the Maya Codices

My last two columns have looked at some issues related to the Society’s publishing business model. In July, I wrote an overview of the Open Access advocacy that has been taking place all year.

Four years ago U.S. astronomers made a significant discovery: the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, where the AAS gathered for its 213th meeting.

By the time you read this column, the Division for Planetary Sciences meeting for 2012 will be history and the results will no doubt be bouncing around the Internet.

From close-up pictures of water-sculpted pebbles on Mars, to the detection of galaxies at the boundary of the Dark Ages, discoveries in our field continue to advance our understanding of the Universe and to fascinate legions of the public who support our inquiry.

Vacancies for AAS Prize committees will be filled by Council at its meeting in Long Beach, California in January 2013. Current committee members are listed under “Committees” on the AAS homepage,

The AAS is sad to announce the passing of former AAS Vice-President Gart Westerhout. When the AAS incorporated in Washington, DC, Dr. Westerhout signed the Articles of Incorporation. He was a life-long supporter of the AAS.