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Offered free to all members, the annual AAS Wall Calendar highlights important astronomical events month by month. The AAS seeks sponsors and key dates and deadlines for the 2014 edition. New this year: "Buy a Birthday!" Deadline: 1 September.

With Executive Officer Kevin Marvel on sabbatical, the other managers on the AAS staff will take turns writing this column. First up: CFO Kelly Clark, who writes about our recent office relocation.

The UNBSSI is a long-term effort for the development of astronomy and space science through regional and international cooperation on a worldwide basis, particularly in developing nations. A full report on a series of workshops held from 1991 to 2012 is now available.

The Kepler project office at NASA's Ames Research Center has released an open solicitation for community input for alternate science investigations that may be performed using Kepler and are consistent with its probable two-reaction-wheel performance.

The Golden Goose Award celebrates scientists whose federally funded research seemed odd or obscure but turned out to have a significant, positive impact on society. The latest recipient is a physician whose study of Gila monster venom led to a drug that protects diabetics from blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage.

Please consider making a donation to the AAS to help advance student achievement, acknowledge extraordinary service, and celebrate outstanding research.

Video recordings from the 222nd AAS meeting in Indianapolis are now online for members to view. Please note that you will need your AAS login and password.

The Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) in Western Australia invites shared-risk observing proposals for the 2014A semester (1 January 2014 through 30 June 2014). Deadline: 15 October 2013.

The deadline for submitting observing proposals to the National Solar Observatory for the fourth quarter of 2013 is 15 August.

The Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at Caltech announces the availability of six-month graduate-student fellowships, typically taking place during January-July, with some flexibility on the starting and ending dates. Deadline: 1 October 2013.