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The Employment Committee of the AAS recently conducted a survey that showed a great interest from our constituents on the variety of career paths taken by astronomers. If you are an astronomer working in a non-traditional job, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us at and help us make this page a more effective mentoring and networking tool.


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To join the network send the following information to

  • Name,
  • degree in astronomy (and terminal degree in other fields as applicable),
  • current place of employment and position title,
  • your career category (industry, science center, E/PO, science policy, journalism, law, medicine, private consultant, etc.), and
  • your contact information.
  • If you are willing to provide any additional information — such as a link to your professional website (if available) or a brief paragraph with your job description or your career path — we will link it to your name. This type of information would be extremely helpful for those using this site to see the options available to someone with a degree in astronomy.

If any person listed wishes to be removed for any reason, your name will be removed as quickly as possible with no questions asked.

We will not post specific jobs, these should be submitted to the AAS Job Register.