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Join the American Astronomical Society, Solar Physics Division 
and American Geophysical Union, Space Physics Aeronomy Section
in Indianapolis, IN | 26 April - 30 April 2015

Westin Indianapolis
50 South Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 262-8100

The Triennial Earth-Sun Summit (TESS) is a joint meeting of the Space Physics and Aeronomy Section of the American Geophysical Union and the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society. The inaugural meeting will take place 26 April- 30 April, 2015 in Indianapolis. TESS is intended to be a gathering of the entire heliophysics community, including the four traditional sub-disciplines devoted to studies of the Sun, heliosphere, magnetosphere, and ionosphere-thermosphere-mesosphere. The overarching goal is to promote greater interaction and unity within this community. The meeting site has been selected to provide an excellent environment for this to occur, and the scientific and social programs are being designed with this goal in mind. In particular, the scientific program will include plenary talks covering each of the sub-disciplines, as well as inter-disciplinary and discipline-specific sessions with invited and contributed talks and posters. Some sessions will be led by organizers selected by the Scientific Organizing Committee (“AGU style”), while others will be created by the SOC after the abstracts have been submitted (“SPD style”).  We invite you to join us for this exciting inaugural event!

Scientific Organizing Committee 


Jim Klimchuk, SPA Past President
Dana Longcope, SPD Vice-Chair


Leon Golub, SPD Chair
David Sibeck, SPA President
Ian Richardson, ex-SPA SH Secretary
Robyn Millan, SPA SM Secretary
Larry Paxton, SPA President-Elect/ex-SA Secretary

Inter-disciplinary Session Organizers

Magnetic Reconnection

  • Dana Longcope
  • Carrie Black
  • Paul Cassak

Plasma-Neutral Coupling

  • David Sibeck
  • James Leake
  • Meers Oppenheim

Space Weather

  • Ian Richardson
  • Howard Singer
  • Yihua Zheng

Discipline Specific Sessions

Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG)

  • Kiran Jain
  • Frank Hill
  • Sushant Tripathy

Meetings Team

Kathy Cox, AAS Meetings Abstract Administrator (TESS Lead)
Kim Earle, AAS Director of Meeting Services
Lisa Idem
, AAS Meetings Manager
Debbie Kovalsky, AAS Website, Exhibits and Sponsorship Coordinator
Lynn Ervin, AAS Meetings Services Specialist
Jennifer Cline, AAS Meeting Services Specialist
Jennifer Tomb, AGU Assistant Director, Meetings Operations