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46th DPS Tucson Meeting Workshop Proposal Form

Please read Instructions, terms, and conditions before submitting your proposal. If you have any concerns, comments, or questions please contact Kim Wright.

Organizer Information
Workshop Information
Maximum 300 words. If your workshop is public, this description will be published in the Meeting materials as well as the online schedule.
Workshops that have registration fees must be listed on the DPS Meeting Registration form. Please submit your proposal by 18 July 2014 to be included in the DPS Meeting Registration form. Please contact for details.
Required if you selected "Yes" above.
Audio Visual Equipment and Services
A LCD Projector and Screen will be provided to all workshops at no charge. Please select any additional equipment and services that you require. There is a minimum $50 labor fee for all workshops that are requesting additional Audio Visual Equipment or Services. The fee may be higher depending on the amount/type of equipment or services you order. This is only an estimate of your needs and applicable charges. You will receive an accurate quote during the planning process.
Mandatory for all meetings using more than 2 Microphones. Please choose the mix board that is applicable to the total number of microphones selected.
We are determining the wireless internet needs of the Workshop organizers and their users for the DPS Tucson Meeting. Please indicate if wireless internet is required for your Workshop presentation(s) or your workshop attendees.
Catering (No orders after 15 October)
Catering is not included with your workshop. Catering can be arranged through Kim Wright.