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Below are the presentations from recent workshops. The AAS Committee on Employment will hold similar events at future AAS meetings.

23 Aug 2012 - Employment

The AAS has been informed of the following summer research opportunities for students.

All Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs are listed on the NSF REU Sites webpage.

23 Aug 2012 - Employment

The Employment Committee of the AAS recently conducted a survey that showed a great interest from our constituents on the variety of career paths taken by astronomers. If you are an astronomer working in a non-traditional job, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us at and help us make this page a more effective mentoring and networking tool.


23 Aug 2012 - Employment

Career Profiles

Academic Career Information

20 Nov 2013 - Employment

Sites that publish astronomy-related job advertisements.

22 Oct 2012 - Employment