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46th DPS Meeting Science Schedule and Events
Last updated: Tuesday

Links to the Block Schedule and Online Program Coming Soon!

Our Lineup of Plenary and Prize Talks:

  • Gerard P. Kuiper Prize: Moist Convection, Peter Gierasch
  • Hot Facts About Cool Comets, Anita Cochran
  • Exoplanets: A New Era of Comparative Planetology, Victoria Meadows
  • Harold C. Urey Prize: After Imbrium, Before Babylon: Solar System's Middle Years, Matifa Cuk
  • Science From the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer Mission, Richard Elphic
  • The Moon in the UV, Amanda Hendrix
  • What's Going on Around the Other Planets? A Report on Recent Ring Research, Matthew Hedman
  • Dense and Narrow Rings Around the Cantaur Object (10199) Chariklo, Bruno Sicardy