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Data set tagging should be used when you want to place a link in a paper to a data set hosted by a participating data center. In general, this would be the raw or pipeline-reduced data. Data that have been processed futher through specialized reduction software or other means can be included in the paper as supplementary material. Supplementary material data may be submitted in various formats, including FITS files.

To give an example, a paper analyzing HST and ground-based photometry of a globular cluster could include electronic data in the following ways:

  1. As a data set link to the original HST image at MAST.
  2. In a supplemental FITS file published and hosted on the Web with the electronic article.
  3. In a machine-readable table of the HST and ground-based photometry.


Please see the instructions to authors for the journal to which you are submitting for more information on the presentation of supplementary materials.