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Publications Board

History: AAS ByLaws Article VI, Sec. 3, Approved Jan. 1, 1979.

Members: Chair and six members. Individuals are nominated for positions on the Board by the Nominating Committee, in consultation with Journal editors. The Board member is elected by the Council at the June Meeting. Written consent to serve is required before nomination. The Board meets annually.

Term: Four years, January to January. Terms of membership are staggered such that in alternate years, there are two vacancies and then one vacancy on the Board.

Chair: Elected by the AAS membership for a term of three years, following one year as Chair-elect.

The Chair is a voting member of Council.

Charge: Regularly reviews the publication policies of each of the Society publications and shall, in consultation with the editors, report its findings and recommendations to the Council. This Board shall, when required, nominate for Council approval, Editors for each publication. This Board will be available to the Editors and act as an Editorial Board for each publication when called upon to do so.

Committee members