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Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers electronically to speed up peer review and facilitate the production process. This can be done via the web using online submission forms that are available for each journal.

You will need to provide us with important information about your submission to allow us to process it correctly. For web submissions you will be able to type these details into the online submission form.

If you are submitting a revised version of your manuscript, please remember to include a list of changes, and (if applicable) a reply to the referee.

Hard-copy submission

Hard-copy submissions are not permitted for The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Hard-copy submissions are strongly discouraged for all the AAS journals.

For hard-copy submissions, please include a typed sheet with your manuscript. The following information should be included:

  • Manuscript submitted by: your full name
  • Postal address where we can contact you while your manuscript is being processed
  • E-mail address, and phone and fax numbers where we can contact you
  • Journal submitted to: the name of the journal to which you are submitting the manuscript
  • Manuscript title: the full title of your manuscript
  • Authors: full list of authors
  • Status of manuscript: new, revised, resubmitted or accepted
  • Reference number: if revised, or accepted
  • Subject key words: a list of subject key words for your manuscript
  • Color printing (there are surcharges for printing in color): tell us which figures should be in color in the print version
  • Permission to reproduce published material: tell us if your manuscript contains previously published material that will require permission from the original author and publisher
  • Manuscript file format: the file format of your text file, e.g. Word, AASTeX, RTF
  • Number of figures: the number of separate figure files
  • Number of supplementary files for online-only publication: the number of separate supplementary files
  • Suggested referees (optional): the names and addresses of potential referees who could provide an independent assessment of your manuscript

Two copies of the manuscript and two sets of original figures should be sent to the appropriate Editor-in-Chief at the address given on the journal's homepage.

Laser-printed originals of hard-copy figures will be scanned for production purposes. Figures should be of high quality to ensure accuracy and clarity in the final published versions. Artwork should be in good focus, with clean, clear numbers and letters, and sharp, black lines. Thin lines, particularly in figures requiring considerable reduction, should be avoided. Original, professionally drafted artwork may be submitted for reproduction, but freehand-drawn or hand-lettered artwork cannot be accepted for publication. Style points noted in the graphics guidelines regarding figures supplied electronically apply equally to hard-copy figures.

Halftones supplied as hard copies should be continuous-tone prints, made from original negatives, and printed on a matte-coated stock. When photographs include large irrelevant areas, please indicate cropping lines on an overlay.