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The editors and publishers of the AAS journals — The Astronomical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal, Letters, and Supplement — are conducting a series of workshops for authors and referees at AAS meetings and other suitable venues. The workshops are aimed mainly at young and early-career astronomers.

Topics covered in the workshops include these:

  • How to write a good paper
  • How to choose the right journal
  • How to submit your paper
  • How the review process works
  • How the editorial process works
  • How to be an effective referee
  • Copyright and permissions
  • Ethical issues in writing and publishing

Participants have ample opportunities to interact with editors and publishers and to have questions answered.

The first workshop was held at the 28th IAU General Assembly in Beijing, China, in August 2012. The second was held at the 223rd AAS meeting in Washington, DC, in January 2014. PowerPoint presentations from the latter workshop are available here:

Presentations from future workshops will be uploaded here as they become available.