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The Pierce Prize is normally awarded annually for outstanding achievement, over the past five years, in observational astronomical research based on measurements of radiation from an astronomical object. It is given to an astronomer who has not attained 36 years of age in the year designated for the award (for the 2016 prize, for example, the recipient must have been born in 1981 or later). The recipient shall be a resident of North America (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico) or a member of a North American institution stationed abroad.

Self-nominations are allowed. No individual candidate is eligible for both the Warner and Pierce Prizes.

Nomination/Application Instructions | Nomination/Application Checklist

Year Recipient

2015 Heather A. Knutson
2014 Nadia L. Zakamska
2013 Jason Kalirai
2012 John A. Johnson
2011 Gaspar Bakos
2010 Tommaso Treu
2009 Joshua Bloom
2008 Lisa J. Kewley
2007 Omitted
2006 Bryan M. Gaensler
2005 Andrew Blain
2004 Niel Brandt
2003 Xiaohui Fan
2002 Amy Barger
2001 Kenneth R. Sembach
2000 Kirpal Nandra
1999 Dennis F. Zaritsky
1998 Andrea M. Ghez
1997 Alyssa A. Goodman
1996 Michael Strauss
1995 Andrew McWilliam
1994 omitted
1993 Arlin P.S. Crotts
1992 Alexei Filippenko
1991 Kenneth Libbrecht
1990 Kristen Sellgren
1989 Harriet L. Dinerstein
1988 Sallie L. Baliunas
1987 Donald E. Winget
1986 Reinhard Genzel
1985 Richard G. Kron
1984 Marc Aaronson, Jeremy R. Mould
1983 Alan Dressler
1982 Marc Davis
1981 Bruce Margon
1980 Jack Baldwin
1979 D. Harper
1978 James M. Moran, Jr.
1977 Donald N.B. Hall
1976 James Roger Angel
1975 Eric Becklin
1974 Edwin M. Kellogg