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The Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award is for astronomy writing for an academic audience, specifically textbooks at either the upper-division undergraduate level or the graduate level.

The motivation for this choice is the fact that introductory textbooks and popular astronomy books have large markets and a number of existing modes of recognition and reward. Books serving astronomy majors and graduate students, by contrast, have relatively small markets, and excellence in this area is rarely recognized. Nonetheless, such books serve a vital role in professional development.

Books suitable for this award must be currently available in North America. A single gold medal will be given, and if the winning book has multiple authors, the $1,000 monetary award will be divided, and multiple certificates will be issued. Self-nominations are allowed.

Nomination Instructions | Nomination Checklist

Year Recipients

2013 George Rieke
2012 Abraham (Avi) Loeb
2011 Caleb A. Scharf
2010 Hale Bradt
2009 Dan Maoz
2008 Linda S. Sparke and John S. Gallagher
2007 Imke De Pater and Jack Lissauer
2006 Barbara Ryden